We offer you the First Way Academy, which specializes in providing all the educational courses and workshops you need that qualify you to be a professional doctor in your field.

At the present time, the first way academy of dental provides you with a selection of professional doctors in the field of dentistry who meet all your educational needs to increase your experience in your field as a professional dentist, as it offers you theoretical courses and training workshops through dental Events & Training, after which you can obtain accredited certificates and a license to practice the profession .

All you need to join the first way academy is to register with us through the registration form, choose the field in which you want to join and develop your skills in it.

There are no complicated conditions for joining the Academy of General Dentistry firstway , but the most important thing is that you have proof of your enrollment in the Faculty of Medicine from any accredited university, whether you are a graduate or a student in the last year.

Also, paying in the first way academy to benefit from the medical course services that it provides, is provided with many facilities, the most prominent of which is the installment service with tamara, which makes you pay the expenses in the way that suits you.

firstway is the accredited Academy for Dental Education that makes you an adult expert in dentistry, because it provides you with all the knowledge you need to learn to be highly confident with your patients, and makes you able to provide the correct treatment for the most difficult cases that you may encounter during the practice of your profession as a doctor.

It is fortunate for you that First Way is now accredited as the Dental Academy in Saudi Arabia, because it has recently been able to gain the confidence of many trained doctors in it, based on the curriculum it provided, which they received at the hands of professional doctors.

Also, the training workshops make you able to deal with any situation that may pass you by during the practice of your profession.

So do not hesitate to go through the experiment, and register with us through the site to join us.


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